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IT training for companies and professionals

We learn together. Professionals, Teams and Organizations benefit from the practical application of Training, based on experience, innovation and research with IT Technologies.

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We train people to acquire and develop IT skills

We are a training company committed to Individuals and the Organization.

We believe that knowledge based on research and learning allow individual to grow as a person and as a professional and the Company to build the human capital to efficiently face the its challenges.

ICONO TRAINING: a key differentiator for you and for your company!

See our Training Portfolio adapted to your own training plans and programs for your IT teams. Benefit and finance them through reduced Social Security fees.


The most qualified and experienced professionals in the sector.


Continuously, in technology, methodology and resources.


Adapted to the needs of each company and professional.


With real and virtualized environments, labs and projects.


With the added value of the contribution from all professionals.


By challenging professionals to reach their goals.

Training for companies

  • Identification, analysis and definition of training requirements
  • Design of the solution with actual actions, plans and training itineraries
  • Development and delivery of the training solution
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Assessment of the impact on the job
Formación a empresas
Formación a profesionales

Training for professionals

  • We help you define your own objective.
  • Design your professional career to achieve it.
  • Lean on our team of advisors to define the Training Plan.
  • We train you on the technical subjects required to complete the project.
  • We apply occupational training based on the skills necessary to make your work efficient.

Training areas

Experts on technological training, with a broad portfolio of training actions defined in each of the technical areas.

Architecture and Programming

Architecture and Programming

Specialized training for back-end and front-end professionals for web and mobile applications, in the main languages, platforms, frameworks, testing tools, version control and development methodologies.

Infraestucture IT

Infraestucture IT

We offer training in Servers & Systems, storage solutions, virtualization, networking and security, essential for the adaptation of the technological infrastructure of each business to the digitalization process.

Reactive platform

Reactive platform

As a training partner of LIGHTBEND in Spain, we provide official and calendar training on their Reactive Platform. Do not forget to train in SCALA, AKKA and PLAY to cover the most demanding needs of software engineering.

Big Data & BI

Big Data & BI

Specialize in any of the areas and technologies related to the management of large volumes of data. Access our training in business intelligence and business -Big Data and Business Intelligence- as two ways in the treatment, typology and data analysis. In Icon Training you will find training for those who at the moment are one of the most demanded profiles (data scientist / data engineer).

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

Training related to the main Cloud Computing service models (Saas, Paas, Iaas); from O365 for users to training for administrators and architects of cloud environments (Azure, OpenStack, Docker, ..), without forgetting training related to development and monitoring and automation tools.

Project development and skills

Project development and skills

Do you want to guide your professional career towards the strategic management of IT services? Would you like to learn how to manage projects effectively? We propose you a training in the frames of reference in good practices and recommendations for the management of services and in the application of agile methodologies for the development of projects.

Specialties & Programms

Specialists in training adapted to the aspirations of each professional, the training needs of each company or the specifications of each project.

1. Specialties IT

Make a difference by highlighting specific and advanced knowledge.

Specializing and updating your knowledge is a boost in your professional career that will allow you to opt for advanced technical projects and higher level positions. Being a specialist you will have access to new challenges that will strengthen your professional career.

Our CAREER TECHNICAL TRAINING program allows you to fulfill your professional aspirations by training in one of its technological specialties that will be your passport to cutting-edge projects.

2. Corporate IT programs

We enlarge the business of our clients by creating training solutions according to their specific needs for each moment.

We design and develop professional training programs aligned with the strategic objectives of each company.

Programs mainly focused on easier INTEGRATION of new MEMEBERS, TRANFORMATION, DEVELOPMENTof internal talent and also the execution and development of specific technical PROJECTS.

Would you like to see the courses and specialties that we have scheduled?

Training Modalities

We offer a wide choice of Training options to match and adapt to your requirements and needs.

In-situ and on-line

We provide on-site and remote assistance for you to benefit from an ongoing monitoring, follow-up and interaction with other professionals.

Training in company

Our teams will travel to your designated locations to develop and deliver the Training Solution.

Calendar of training courses

You can check our standard Calendar of scheduled training courses on the most market requested technologies. All of them are also available on a specific customer demand.

Training Courses are delivered at our Training Center, at Customer Locations and REMOTLY through our ON-LINE Training Platform.


+ 20


+ 200

Anual courses

+ 2.500


+ 4.500

Training hours

Student satisfaction   98%

The training consulting service will help you improve your skills.

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