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Web Apps Development with jQuery and ExtJS

Use of the most used JavaScript libraries in professional apps.


Use of the most used JavaScript libraries in professional apps.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the essential components

  • Integrate and use those components in their Websites

  • Use AJAX to comunicate with the server side

  • Find the plugin or plugins that they need.



.- Architecture, purpose and scope
.- Tools provided by JQuery to make Web development easier
.- Manipulation of DOM by selectors
.- The events system
.- Effects and animations
.- Integration with AJAX
.- JQuery plugins library
.- Architecture, purpose and scope
.- Fundamental classes
.- Implementation of the Model, View, Driver pattern (MVC)
.- Integration with AJAX
.- Object containers and organizers
.- Fundamental components
.- Data access architecture
.- Internationalization of apps
.- Testing

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