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JEE Security


After completing the course, participants will:
know the methods for secure JEE applications.
Review the basics of cryptography and security in Java.
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Web Application Security
     Declarative and programmatic security in web applications
     Configuring security issues in Apache Tomcat
   Configuring security aspects of application servers
     Main vulnerabilities for web applications
     Dimensions of web security
     Safety messages
     XML Encryption: confidentiality in messages
     XML signature: integrity, authentication and non-repudiation in messages
     WS-Security: SOAP extension for secure messaging
     X.509 certificates. Signature. encryption
     JCP specifications
Layer security business
Propagation of security from the Web tier
EJB security model 3.x
Declaration of roles
Security exceptions
Programmatic and declarative authorization
Credentials in JNDI

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