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Objects persistence with Hibernate

The most used tools to access relational databases in an oriented to objects way.


The most used tools to access relational databases in an oriented to objects way.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to create modules composed of persistent objects in all the allowed ways by Java language
  • Control the capabilities and scalabilities of these modules
  • Be able to map Java classes to tables in the database and viceversa
  • Know how to extract any kind of information from a database and translate it to persistent objects
  • Have notions of the utility and management of Validator and Search


  • Architecture
  • Main features
  • Simple classes
  • Components classes
  • Classes with unidirectional relations
  • Classes with bi-directional relations
  • Classes with inheritance hierarchies
  • Events system and interceptors
  • Consultation language
  • Transactions and concurrency
  • Use of annotations to define and manipulate persistence
  • Introduction to some common tools with Hibernate: Validator and Search

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