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Advanced Google ANDROID


Advanced specialization in the construction of Android apps, mastering how Android applications work, their lifecycle, purposes, and the use of external resources. Control the design and development of useful Android ™ applications with compelling user interfaces using, expand and create their own designs and views and use the menus.

Mastering the Android Application Framework API to create complex applications, the back end, threads, and notifications and communicating Android API for SMS, telephony resources, network management and Internet (HTTP).


.- Android Stack

.- Introduction to Android Native Layer User-Space

.- Introduction to Layer Android Application Framework

.- Introduction to Layer Android Applications

.- Android Native Development Kit (NDK)

.- Inter Process Communication (IPC) Android Binder and AIDL

Android Security .-

.- Develop Android from Source

Android .- Startup

Android .- Services

Customize .- Android

.- Android Tools and Debuggers

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