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Developing Android apps

Developing Android apps


With this course, students learn to create from scratch your own applications for mobile devices with Android operating system.

From the most basic issues, such as downloading and installing the necessary tools or create your first project step by step, to advanced topics such as GPS location or communication with web services.

And the publication of its Apps on Google Play Store.


Introduction to Android

.- Android Devices

.- Application development

.- Emulators and SDK

.- Plug-in for Eclipse

.- Externalizing resources

.- Anatomy of the application

User interface

.- Views, components and disposal

.- Types of basic components

 .-Activities and intents

 .- Options and context menus

.- Events

.- Styles and themes

Advanced graphics

.- Graphics in Android

.- Customizing Components

.- Animations

.- Open GL 3D graphics

Sensors and events

.- Touch screen

.- Guidance and acceleration

.- Geolocation

.- Speech Recognition


.- Audio Playback

.- Video playback

.- Taking a photography

.- Media Store

.- Speech Synthesizer

SQLite and data access

.- Traditional Files

.- Preferences

.- SQLite Database

.- Content Providers

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