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Apps for iPhone and iPad


Apps for iPhone and iPad.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to design and implement systems for iPhone and iPad using iOS resources.


Introduction to Objective C

Design patterns:

MVC (Model – View – Driver) and Delegate

Creation of graphic interfaces: IBOutlets y IBAction

Lifecycle of an App in iOS

Resources management.

Memory management in iOS: ARC & MRC

Debugging in xCode

UIWebView: How to display web content in our app

Adapt an App interface to the different orientations of the device

UINavigationController & UITabBarController.

Tables: UITableView to show huge amounts of data

Tables customization

Protocols and communication between MVCs.


Universal Apps for iPhone and iPad

Interfaces for iPhone and iPad.


Good practices in Universal Apps.

First steps using persistence in Cocoa.

 NSUserDefaults: use patterns, good practices and common errors

Sandbox of an App

Error management

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