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Technological Consulting

We provide solutions based in new technologies that opens the way for the transformation of your organization. We combine IT and business to reach your strategics objectives.

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What our Technological Consulting services brings to your company?

At Icono we combine advanced technologies with qualificated professionals to offer a flexible, effective and reliable IT consulting service which helps the organizations to achieve their strategic goals.


We help setting the objectives and adapting the businesses processes.


We advise our clients on how to adopt efficient technologies that translate into efficiency and cost´s reduction


We architect technological solutions to improve productivity.

What we offer?

People and technologies combined to achieve technologic objectives

We make the journey of technologic transformation with you.

In a context of big technological advances before the constant emergence of new technologies and versions and before the digital transformation suppose for the companies, we offer you being your partner in the journey.


We take into account your requirements and budget.


We offer different alternatives in order for you to choose the best match for your project’s requirements.


We stay with you during the technological journey.

We offer you technological solutions

We want to become your technological partner.

Consultoría en tecnologías innovadoras

What the IT CONSULTING includes?

We efficiently integrate all the process linked to the TIC service.

This technological consulting service includes the following:

We listen to your technological and business needs.

We analyse the existing IT solutions

We develop the right solution for you.

We implement the chosen solution.

We train your IT team.

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Agility and credibility in the business process

As a member of Docuplus S&I and Achilles Community, we provide trust, transparency and speed in the purchasing process.

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Would you like to help you in a implementation of the most appropriate technological solution for your requirements?